Denim Care Tips

Don't you love it when you get home from the store with a nice dark wash and that perfect snug (but not too snug) fit?  Want to keep your denim looking as perfectly new as when you first purchased them? We included some of our favorite denim care times to keep your jeans looking their absolute best. We recommend washing your denim as little as possible. If you own raw denim that is a whole other care routine. We think Rawr Denim covers caring for raw denim best, read about it here. ALWAYS check the tags of your denim to see if there are specific instructions.

WASHING: Wash your denim inside out on cold cycle with other dark colors. Note: Some denim specifies gentle cycle. 

DRYING: I often will put my denim in the dryer for 5-8 minutes to take some of the wetness out. If you are going to forget to take them out than don’t put them in at all. After they are dried if you want to “fluff” them a bit throw them in the dryer for 5 minutes. After you pull your denim out of the dryer hang them to dry. If your denim has stretch of lycra in it I would not recommend drying your denim at all. It can result in a rippled fabric.



For dark denim we suggest a vinegar soak. The vinegar soak sets the dark dye and prevents fading from washing.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Mix 2 gallons water + 2 cups white vinegar
  2. Turn denim inside out and submerge in water/vinegar mix
  3. Let sit for 8 hours (I typically do this overnight)
  4. Empty bucket and put jeans in washing machine, wash denim like normal.


Not the only one doing laundry. Here is a great tip for making sure your jeans don't go in the dryer! 


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