Eric Brunt:   Denim Selected - Nudie Jeans Avgerage Joe

Eric does bicycle delivery for Jimmy Johns. He is looking forward to putting his denim through many miles on the bike & eager to see how they wear & hold up. On the weekends he bar tends downtown at Blatt Beer and Table, and enjoys baking cookies, watching James Bond films & dreaming of life in California.

Adam Finley:   Denim Selected - Baldwin Reed

Adam is the owner of Eldon-Redfield. As a furniture maker he values high-quality materials and refined craftsmanship in a product and for those reasons likes Baldwin raw denim. While not making furniture Adam spends his time drawing, painting, and sculpting. 

Jenny Galley:   Denim Selected - Nudie Jeans High Kai

Jenny is the co-owner of Denim Saloon. While she typically rotates through several pairs of denim she is excited for the challenge of wearing one pair for 8 months.  When she's not slanging denim at Denim Saloon she is cooking, doing a DIY project on her home or spending time with family.

Christopher Halbkat:  Denim Selected - Baldwin Reed

Christopher Halbkat is founder of Bemis Press Design Shop. BPDS began as a small freelance company, committed to helping friends
foster their ambitions and gain the exposure they needed to get their ideas off the ground. He also owns and operates Dundee Cycles and Provisions. Dundee Cycles Company helps cyclists build their dream bikes, by finding the right frame (road, city, mountain,commuter),components/gears, wheels, pedals…even down to the perfect saddle for your body type.

Chris Hughes:  Denim Selected - Railcar Denim

Chris Hughes is the owner of Artifact Bag Co. and spends most of his time in his workshop making bags and aprons. When he is not in his shop, Chris is spending time with his wife and three children, or treasure hunting at auctions, flea markets, and thrift shops. He loves American-made and raw denim, and is excited to see how the Railcars break in.

Craig Korth:  Denim Selected - Baldwin Henley

Chris Machmuller:  Denim Selected - Nudie Jeans Hank Rey

Chris is the founder of Worker's Take-Out and the owner/operator of Oleaver's Pub. He

 plays in Ladyfinger (Saddlecreek records) and The So-So Sailors (No Dancing records). Needless to say, these jeans will be worked and worn in during the next 8 months. 

Kelly Newell:  Denim Selected - Nudie Jeans Tube Kelly

Kelly Newell owns & runs Scout: Dry Goods & Trade. Her typical day includes a 

to-do list around 30 pages long & is filled with hiring, merchandising, buying, schedules, taking photos, meetings, marketing, emails & putting out any fires that come up along the way. She

 loves the idea of raw denim and not having to wash them for months and months. She's excited to break them and knows they'll be a perfect fit for her curvy body & have that perfectly distressed look that's equal parts fashion, road-trip & rock-n-roll. 

Josh Powell:   Denim Selcted - Railcar X001 Spikes

Josh is a mixed media artist that works with all kinds of materials to create paintings. If you've been in the Dundee Cycles store I have a painting up outside on the wall of their shop. He is the co-owner and creative director of MTRL Design

Cora Rasp:  Denim Selected - Railcar Donna 

Cora is a fashion stylist, blogger and wardrobe consultant. You can also find her slinging coffee at Blueline. She's a firm believer in investing in quality clothing, which is why she's happy to be test driving a pair of raw denim.